When schooldays end

When schooldays end

They say that your schooldays are ‘the best days of your life’. And for some they may well be, while for other people, the end of schooldays can’t come quickly enough.

I was bullied at school but despite that, I enjoyed my time at school and look back on it fondly.

But we all have to leave school eventually and move on to other things – college, university, a job or apprenticeship etc.

Not only does that mean the end of our formal compulsory schooling, it also means new responsibilities and wider horizons. And that can be quite challenging, perhaps even frightening.

Endings are a fact of life

Leaving school is just one of the many ‘endings’ that we will all face in our lives at various times. In counselling, therapists place great store by the importance of ‘good endings’ because they allow us to honour what has ended, to tie up loose ends, and to look forward with hope to the future.

Endings and new beginnings are the key ingredients of ‘change’; by understanding how you respond to change (such as the change from being at school to being in the adult world), you can be better prepared for the changes you will face later in life.

This short slide-show presentation explores what leaving school might feel like for you, and how you can have a ‘good ending’ to your schooldays.

Please feel free to share it with anyone you know who is facing change and who might find it useful. Or contact me for a consultation session if you’re finding it difficult to cope with changes in your own life.

Leaving school & coping with change from southseacounsellor

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