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On this page, you can view and download more worksheets, handouts and web links to help you explore and understand the sort of difficulties that may bring you to counselling.

I’ll be adding more resources over the next few months.

Finding your comfort zones

When we’re going through a difficult patch, it’s important to know what helps us to ground or centre ourselves, and give us a break from our anxieties. This Comfort Zones worksheet can help you to identify the people, places and things that can get you through those sticky moments.

Getting in touch with your senses

The pace and demands of modern life can mean that we lose touch with ourselves and what’s important to us. In this worksheet –A Sensory Inventory – you’re invited to consider your five senses and what brings you pleasure or enjoyment. You’re also invited to add the activities that you enjoy doing, because this is also a way of reactivating the essential connections between your body, your feelings and your senses.

Keeping track of progress

I’ve often heard clients say they find it difficult to remember what we’ve talked about in sessions. Sometimes it’s not what we’ve talked about that’s the most important thing, but the fact that we’ve established a relationship where you, the client, feel safe enough to open up and talk at all.

Having said that, it can be very useful to keep a diary or a log of your therapy sessions; it can help you to keep track of the progress you’re making, help you to spot recurring patterns in your thinking or the way you do things, and give you something very precious to look back on in the future.

I’ve designed this very simple Counselling Log which you can download, print off and fill in if you wish; it’s available to everyone, whether you’re one of my clients or not. I’ll also be making it available to my clients as a smartphone app in the future.

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