Specialist services

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My personal and professional experience enables me to offer specialist counselling services for students and young people aged 14-21, and for disabled people and those affected by long-term or chronic ill-health.

Students and young people

I worked for two years as a counsellor at Portsmouth University Student Counselling Service, which has given me an insight into the issues which people of this age group often face. And of course, I’ve been a student myself. Please see my Counselling for Students page for further information.

I also offer counselling to young people from the age of 14.

Disabled people and people with long-term health conditions

I have personal experience of living with disability, and have worked professionally with people living with disabling and/or long-term conditions, and so I have an understanding of some of the problems which may arise. I also work with the partners and family members of people affected by disability. Please see my Counselling for Disability page for further information.