What is change-focused counselling?

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Change-focused counselling helps people take active steps to resolve problems such as:

  • low self-esteem or self-confidence
  • being ‘stuck’ with problems that seem impossible to resolve
  • coming to terms with change
  • understanding what ‘makes you tick’
  • exploring worries about mortality and the ‘meaning of life’
  • learning new ‘skills for life’, such as assertiveness or time and stress-management
  • identifying unhelpful or damaging patterns of behaviour and implementing more positive ones, such as anger management techniques.

Change–focused counselling believes that we are most successful at changing our situation – how we feel or think, or how we behave – when we take active steps to change it, rather than wait for things to change on their own.

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How long does change-focused counselling take to work?

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There’s no simple answer to this question, because every individual is unique and so is every problem or issue that comes along. Some problems can be resolved in only 5 or 6 sessions, whilst others – more deep-rooted or complex – may take much longer.

It can sometimes be useful to split the counselling work into blocks, with gaps of a few weeks or months in-between to allow your new skills or self-awareness to sink in and become part of your life.

Counselling can be hard work, because it means facing up to change – in your thoughts, feelings or behaviours – and that can be a difficult process to go through. But it can also be an incredibly positive, inspiring and life-changing experience.

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